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Jody Mountain

Jody Mountain is a dancer, choreographer and teacher with 25 years experience in various forms of movement dynamics and healing modalities. Since 1989, she has been studying, practicing and teaching the art of Ancient Lomi Lomi and it’s foundations in Ancient Mysticism. Jody has studied with Kahu Abraham Kawa’i, Aua’ia, Maka’i’ole, Uliama and brings forward the teaching of this lineage. Jody also practices and facilitates Core & Cellular Healing — a modern form of Ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono. She is a licensed massage therapist and teacher in the state of Hawai’i, and has dedicated her life to sharing the depth and vibrancy of this profound work with others as a vehicle for awakened consciousness.

Jody teaches through the Universal Principles that were passed to her through her teacher Kahu Abraham Kawai’i of the Big Island and Kaua’i. Not to be confused with „Hawaiiana“, her practice is expressed through the pathways of original Indigenous Wisdom including Ancient Hawaiian Mysticism & Kahuna Bodywork. Jody’s indigenous ancestries include; South American Indian, Arawak Indian, African, Celtic, and Judeo-Aramid.

The ancient Hawaiians believed that the most profound truths of our being were found deep within the cells of our body. Much more than a ‚machine‘ requiring the right food, rest and exercise, the body, according to Ancient Wisdom, is a living, breathing, light-filled intelligence far beyond the conscious mind. These teachings will give us ways to access this wisdom – energetically and physically opening the pathways from the profound intelligence of the body to the mind.


Course Content

Ancient Lomi Lomi guides us to a new resonance by opening forgotten pathways of energy, information, vitality & wisdom in the body. This work offers a new Paradigm of healing based on Ancient Principles of embodiment. We will first work with our own bodies to unlock old patterning and inhabit more freedom and flow throughout our being. This work opens up new avenues of Life Force and brings us into a new relationship with the body, accelerating our capacity for healing transmission. We become Presence in Motion.

The course will offer also information on how to utilize the principles of Ancient Lomi Lomi in combination with empowerment tools so that participants can achieve significant Personal and Spiritual Growth : Learn how to handle, and reduce the effects of anxiety and stress, clear old belief systems and personal limitations, accelerate abilities to achieve life goals, and increase health, vitality, and life force by connecting mind, physiological body, and spirit on a deep cellular level.

Training includes Ho’omanamana (Freeing blocked energy in the body), Ka’alele ‚au (Taking Flight into Infinite Motion), Ho’oponopono (Deep Aloha of Healing with All Our Relations), Ancient Lomi Lomi application & technique for full body, back and front, Refined Alignment practices, Breathwork, Hawaiian Geomancy (The Art of Placement for Optimum Health & WellBeing).

The synergy, harmony and expansiveness of Nature lives in our every breath. Ancient Wisdom guides us through the layers of our familiar, learned identity, to experience a Self which the mind cannot grasp.


Course Aims

  • Facilitate freedom from old patterning, trauma & conditioning
  • Develop navigational skills for our internal landscape encouraging an expanded ability to navigate life
  • Activate forgotten pathways in the body’s wisdom circuitry
  • Regenerate on a cellular level
  • Learn the old art of ancient Lomi Lomi as a personal or professional practice
  • Restore the relationship with the mystery of Life inside our cells

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This work is applicable to all those who are seeking Profound Personal Transformation, including Health & Wellness Practitioners and Massage Therapists, and those not involved in the healing arts.

This practice is appropriate and safe for everyone at most mobility levels. No previous movement or bodywork experience is required. Participants should be ambulant.


Important Note

Please Note: This is not a ’standard‘ massage training, and can involve deep personal work. It involves the entire Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Perceptive System, bringing us back to Indigenous Mind. Ancient Lomi Lomi will not add to previous Lomi Lomi Training, but will provide a new foundation from which to work.

For your optimum experience, during this week, you will be asked not to smoke, drink alcohol or take any other drugs. Diet will be vegetarian, diary- and sugerfree diet. All participants are required to stay at the Kientalerhof in shared accomodation with other participants (2-4 bed / single room is not possible). The Training will require participants full attention for the week. No Partners, children & travel companions will be allowed.



50 hours of continuing education, NCBTMP (National Certification Board, USA).


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What is Ancient Lomi Lomi?